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Big Blue Spotless has perfected the art of identifying and reducing the affects of Industry Damage Points. We categorize Industry Damage Point as rain, sun, dirt, pollen, and contamination. Each category with its own collective subcategory. Our technicians take pride in their work and address each damage point with specific treatments.

Damage Point #1


The leading cause of damage to the exterior of a new or used vehicle can also be directly related to improper washing techniques. Rough dirt-laden cleaning equipment and using improper drying materials can scratch and ruin the paint of your vehicles. This type of damage can penetrate as much as one tenth of a vehicles finish. Once exposed, the exterior of the vehicle is prone to corrosion, permanent web like patterns, water spots, and etching which ruins the paint. Paint corrections, polishing, and buffing your vehicles is usually the only way to correct this type of damage. 

Damage Point #2


Rain contains more elements and pollutants than normal tap water. As rain falls, it collects pollutants and contaminants in the air. Then eventually evaporating leaving a thin layer of impurities behind. This is also called etching, and the only way to correct this is by polishing and buffing your vehicles. To be proactive, wash your vehicles after a rainy day. Most people think rain washes a vehicle, but it actually exposes your vehicles to Damage Points.

Water Spots

Water Spots are caused by impurities that remain on the surface after the vehicle is dry. It can get worse if the water contains corrosive impurities which etches at the surface creating a crater. Water spots can affect the clear coat, color base coat, primer coat, and the actual body paint of a vehicle. This type of damage easily requires serval hours of machine polishing.

-sub category 2A

Damage Point #3


If the sun can damage our skin, imagine what it can do to the exterior of your vehicles. The ultraviolet rays oxidize and fade a vehicles paint, making a car look old and worn before its time. The sun also plays a vital role in the production of water spots, etching, and corrosion. The sun bakes contaminants left on the surface of your vehicle such as tree sap, bird droppings, water spots, and pollen. The most effective way to protect your vehicles from the suns UV damage is to wash your vehicles frequently. 

Damage Point #4


A dirty car is more than just an eye soar, its a reflection of your organizations priorities. When a dealership has dirty vehicles customers assume that you are not properly maintaining them. Ultimately, resulting in reduced sales and affecting your customers overall shopping experience. Dirt build-up acts as sandpaper, wearing down and weakening a vehicles finish. It can also mix with rain and other pollutants, etching the paint right off.

Damage Point #5


Pollen has spores that act like little hooks. These hooks can latch onto your vehicles finish compromising the clear coat. Pollen is also highly acidic and that acidity can eat away at your paint. Unless your dealership is covered or enclosed it's almost impossible to prevent pollen damage. There is a misconception that you can wipe the pollen off with a non-abrasive cloth. WRONG! While the cloth may not scratch your vehicle, those microscopic hooks can. A tap water rinse won't fully do the trick either. Remember pollen is acidic, so when it comes in contact with normal tap water the acidic qualities are activated. Our Auto Rinse System removes the qualities in normal tap water which activate the acidic properties in pollen. The filtration system used by Big Blue will rinse, clean, and help protect your vehicles. 

Damage Point #6


Contamination includes exposure to construction, bird droppings, tree sap, and oils from excessive travel. It also includes commercial grade dust and debris from near by high-ways and state roads. All of which, are constantly attacking your vehicles and affecting the overall appearance of your dealership. Without consistent protective treatment your vehicles are at risk of great exterior damage.